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Tailgate32 is an award winning web series that follows the journey of adventure-loving brothers Mike and John Trupiano as they tour the country in a 42-foot RV to explore the American traditions of road tripping, tailgating, and professional football. They push themselves to the extremes on this 25000-mile nonstop trek, struggle with an RV that seems to have a mind of its own, and discover what drives the world's most passionate and colorful fans.

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On the heels of the highly successful Tailgate32, Mike and John teamed up with Blip (now owned by Maker Studios) and Kingsford Charcoal to jointly produce a followup mini-series. Having conquered football and an insane life on the road, Mike and John take to the speedway to discover what makes auto racing America's favorite sport. The 6-episode miniseries highlights the most interesting aspects of the race fan world... including, of course, the tailgating! The guys dive into the entire racing experience, including a behind-the-scenes look at how a racing team prepares for each week's race. With appearances from NASCAR drivers, track presidents, town mayors, team owners, and very, very colorful fans, the brothers showcase racing culture at its finest.

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About John and Mike

John is a lifelong football fan, an entrepreneur and a graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a passion for adventure and feats of football derring-do. He once attended two NFL games on the same day (Bears-Redskins and Colts-Ravens in Week 1 2005) and -- channeling his inner Jack Kerouac -- once drove 2,700 miles from Baltimore to Los Angeles in 2.5 days... only to find that L.A. no longer had an NFL team. John is also a culinary athlete and has completed the McDonald's Triple Crown: consuming Mickey D's for breakfast, lunch and dinner. John's magnificent plumage should be declared a national treasure.

Mike is a hardcore sports fan, an avid road tripper, a thrill seeker, and a graduate of MIT. He has driven, motorcycled, and run across the Florida Keys. He logged 200,000 miles on his old 1994 Ford Explorer -- much of it on annual sports-stadium road trips. Mike and his Explorer once spent four hours stuck in a ditch off an Ontario highway. He knew it was time to dump the trusty old steed when it began to consume more steering fluid than gas. So a proper viking funeral it was. R.I.P.