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Revved Up — Episode 1: This Is Revved Up

Episode 1

This Is Revved Up

Revved Up — Episode 2: The Pit Crew

Episode 2

The Pit Crew

Revved Up — Episode 3: Small Town, Big Race

Episode 3

Small Town, Big Race

Revved Up — Episode 4: Bobby!

Episode 4


Revved Up — Episode 5: The Party

Episode 5

The Party

Revved Up — Episode 6: Everyone Is a Race Fan

Episode 6

Everyone Is a Race Fan

About The Series

Revved Up is a follow-up to the highly successful Tailgate32. Having conquered football and an insane life on the road, Mike and John take to the speedway to discover what makes auto racing America's favorite sport.

The 6-episode miniseries highlights the most interesting aspects of the race fan world... including, of course, the tailgating! The guys dive into the entire racing experience, including a behind-the-scenes look at how a racing team prepares for each week's race. With appearances from NASCAR drivers, track presidents, town mayors, team owners, and very, very colorful fans, the brothers showcase racing culture at it's finest.