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New York

John and Mike race back up the east coast for a second round with the fans of New York. This time, it's the Jets' turn. Despite the rough season it's still a great turnout at the tailgate--they check in with Mohawk Mitch, an aspiring new superfan, the Jets Bus, and Flag Man, all the while slurping down green shot after green shot. They finish up the day with one of Reverend Bill's famous ceremonies at the Tailgate Tabernacle Church. Learn to live it, learn to love it!

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Episode Details

It's a beer-loving, craft sandwich making paradise of a city. The boys stuff themselves silly gorging across Philly before heading out to the lots for an Eagles MNF game. The tailgate continues to impress as they find, among other things, cheesesteak soup and a new generation of spirited Eagles fans.

Tailgated on November 26, 2012.

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Dead Sheriff

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Football Nation, Big Green Egg, Dock Street Brewing Co, Tasty Licks BBQ, The Philadelphia Eagles, Shaun Young, McFadden's, The Green Legion, John's Roast Pork, QT, Bitar's, Sarcone's, Jim's Steaks, and Tony Luke's.