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The team rolls across the Bay Bridge to check out Raider Nation. The already weary boys don't catch any breaks though-they've got a 4am wake-up call to pick up fresh oysters and salmon for the tailgate with Kingsford Kirk. Follow them to Ricky's, the place for Raiders fans to meet up the night before the game, and then into the lots as they seek out some of the most notorious fans in the league.

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Mike and John shoot up the coast for the first of two stops in the Bay Area. But the possessed RV strikes again. They struggle to maintain speeds greater than 25mph on the highway, but luckily a change of the fuel filter gets them back on track. They hit the Candlestick lots to find an enthusiastic fan base with a noticeably different take on the pre-game party.

Tailgated on October 18, 2012.

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