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Next Up — Episode 32: New Orleans

New Orleans

It's the end of the line for the boys as they roll into the Big Easy for the last stop of their whirlwind tour. After 27,000 miles on the road, Mike and John figured it might be about time to actually learn how to cook, so they enlist the help of the fine folks from the New Orleans School of Cooking to learn how to prepare some of the local cuisine. Then it's off to the tailgate to wrap up their season of parking lot partying.

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Episode Details

Mike and John bolt from the Windy City down to sunny Tampa and find a party culture as lively as any they've seen. They stop in Ybor City first for a lesson in cigar rolling (not to mention mojito drinking). Then it's off to the tailgate where they've teamed up with What The Buc? and the Krewe of Blackbeard's Revenge. From pirate ships and swords to massive smokers to drinking beads, the boys find Tampa boasts one of the more colorful tailgating scenes in the league.

Tailgated on December 23, 2012.

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The New Electric Sound

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Football Nation, Big Green Egg, Cigar City Brewing, What The Buc?, Ybor Cigar Plus, Buccaneer Beads, Joe and Debbie Davenport, Brian Menendez.